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The event dedicated to fire prevention

During the second quarter of 2017, Beta Cavi and Bosch Security Systems will once again be sponsors for the customary fire prevention training and awareness event. The 2017 edition of FIRE EVAC TOUR was conceived to remove any possible doubt on designing fire prevention systems but this time with the help of multimedia systems.
The idea is for users to have a unique multimedia experience by taking the professional “inside the project” in order to experience all of the design phases personally in 3D. In fact, during the speeches of the various Committee Members, the project will take form and develop step by step.


Free registration, the event has limited space and therefore registration is required

This is what you will be presented with::

  • We will develop the project together
  • We will take you “inside the project” with a multimedia experience
  • We’ll discuss problems and critical issues of fire prevention system design
  • Cables will play a fundamental role in ensuring interoperability between the devices

FIRE EVAC TOUR will, as usual, be sponsored by the major Orders and participants will be able to claim educational credits.

Special speakers

Those who design and develop security systems every day

Fire prevention

Fire Prevention Problems presented through the creation of a project

Coffee Break Included

A nice break before tackling new topics

Multimedia experience

Taking the professional “inside the project” to design in 3D

Free registration

The event has limited space and therefore registration is required

The 2014 FIRE EVAC TOUR edition hosted more than 1200 professionals in the sector.


Event programme
2:00 PM Registration
2:30 PM Start Works

Basic devices

Operating principles of the fundamental devices

Regulations overview

Overview of regulations (UNI 9795, UNI 11224)

EN 54 regulations

EN 54 regulations (referring to new detection technology introduced into the legislation)

UNI 9795: Practical application

Practical application of UNI 9795 with the most critical points highlighted

Practical examples

Practical examples with evidence of common design errors

Regulations overview

From EN 60849 to ISO UNI 7240-19

Technical Standard EN TS54-32

An introduction to the new Technical Standard EN TS54-32


Regulations EN 54-16 and EN 54-24 and certification

System design

Fundamental principles for proper design of the emergency diffusion system
16.45 Coffee break

Examination of the requirements

Examination of the legislative requirements and technical requirements of the interconnecting lines based on the technologies used


Analysis of data transmission on the interconnection lines

Technical regulation

Types of lines to be used to create the interconnections for the presented project in order to maintain technical regulation correspondence.

Main malfunctions

Technical analysis of the main malfunctions introduced by the interconnection lines (who, when and why)

Reference standards

Analysis of the reference standards: EN50200, CEI 20-105V1, CEI UNEL 36762, CEI EN 60332-3-25,…

Prescription phase

Identifying unified and essential standards in the prescription phase

Common Errors

Analysis of the most common application and regulatory errors due to the wrong choice being made

Technical documentation

Analysis and reading of the technical documentation and related responsibilities (to be attached in accordance with annex A of Uni 9765:2013)


Fabio Borghini

Member of UNI Working Group CEN/TC34

Technical seminar regarding proper planning of smoke detection systems and emergency voice evacuation, intended for the professional world …read more

Luca Galli

Member of UNI Automatic fire detection systems CEN/TC72

A public communication system and voice alarm is used for public announcements, planned events, background music and, above all, to provide instructions in emergency situations …read more


Ing. Andrea Moneta

Member of UNI Working Group CEN/TC34

With the latest regulatory evolutions issued the interconnection element identified until now as a simple “accessory” has taken on a central role even as early as the design phase.
Today the responsibility for correct identification of the interconnection lines is assigned to the designer already in the design phase, in fact within the construction regulation …read more




Calendar dates:

  • 29 Maggio Bolzano c/o CEI Largo Adolph Kolping 3
    Iscrizioni a cura del CEI, scarica qui la locandina per registrarti
  • 30 Maggio Venezia c/o Novotel Venezia Mestre Castellana in via Ceccherini, 21
  • 31 Maggio Udine c/o Hotel La dì Moret in viale Tricesimo, 276
  • 12 Giugno Riccione c/o Hotel Nautico in Lungomare Della Libertà, 19
  • 13 Giugno Arezzo c/o Hotel Il Gentiluomo in Via Raccordo Autostradale, 1/a
  • 14 Giugno Roma presso Auditorium della Tecnica in via dell’Astronomia, 30

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